Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Fun!

So remember on my last post I told you guys to check back in to see what I've been up to for fun throughout travel season? Well now I will get to fill you in.

Throughout travel season there are many times when I am on the road away from home during the weekends for one reason or the other. So, when that does happen I like to try and plan something fun to do if at all possible (minus the weekends I have fairs both days). So here are a couple of places I have been so far.

On my second weekend of travel I was up in the Northern Neck. Fortunately for me my family owns a river house in the Northern Neck which proved to be very convenient this year during travel season!!! It was also early enough in the fall that it was still warm out and great weather to be by the river. That weekend my aunt and uncle were down at the river and so were their friends who also have a house there. It was so nice out the first day we were there we decided to get a bushel of crabs to work on throughout the day and take a nice sunset dinner cruise that night.

It was so relaxing and so much fun to be with family! The sunset cruise was beautiful and we had a feast out there! And then we ended the night with a Retro, Retro, Retro dance party!!! I always have the best time with my family at the river house, it is always SHORE to be a good time!!! Get it!? hahaha I'm so cheesy!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

This was the bushel of yummy crabs!

This was our chariot for the sunset dinner cruise!

Sunset from the boat!

This is the picture after we ate dinner! We were a happy bunch!

Also, a couple weekends back I was in Durham for the weekend for a college fair so I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my little sister in my sorority, Devon! She graduated from R-MC this past May and just started at Duke Divinity in the fall. It was the perfect time to catch up with her and get to see Duke and all her new friends. We had a wonderful time walking through the Duke gardens, walking around campus at night, eating on campus, and hanging out with her divinity friends. I got to see inside the library, the Divinity Chapel, and inside the Duke Chapel!!!

On the Sunday I was there we went to church in the morning at the Duke Chapel. It was really perfect timing because the Sunday I was there was Founders Sunday and Dr. Stanley Hauerwas preached. It was a wonderful service and the perfect way to wrap up my visit with my Littles! Thanks so much Devon for letting me visit! I had the best time and can't wait to visit again soon!

This is a picture of the chapel at night!

This is the inside of the archive room in the Library.

The Duke Chapel!

Me and my Littles after church!

Check back in later for more exciting things happening during my travels and I will give an inside look into hotel living! :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Stocking Swap!

For something fun and completely unrelated to my blog I want to share with you all something I just participated in. My very first blogger swap! Basically, you get paired up with another blogger and depending on what the swap is you get to know each other and then you swap something while also making new friends! The swap I participated in can be found over at Life with the Hawley's. We were swapping different stocking stuffer ideas! How fun, right? And perfect timing right before the holiday season to get a ton of new ideas for stockings this year.

Well I got paired up with Erin from over at Enamored and Elegant! She is so sweet and has just the cutest blog! Definitely go check out her blog, I think you will love it as much as I do!

She definitely SPOILED me with my package! :) She included some of her family traditions while also sending me a piece of Ohio. I LOVED it all!

Look at all this stuff she gave me!? 

The sweetest note, some tasty sweet treats, a portable shopping bag, jewelry, nail polish, and HOMEMADE sugar scrub!

Her note explained everything I needed to  know!

Here is a picture of the fabulous homemade vanilla mint sugar scrub. Seriously, I wish you all could smell how delicious this sugar scrub is! It has filled the whole bathroom with a yummy fragrance! I can't wait to pamper myself!

These were some of the handy things Erin included in my stocking. She explained how her family likes to include silly items which also double as very handy! I love that idea! Now I have a USB man and a tie clip!

These were those yummy treats I was talking about! In fact, as I type this I am enjoying the pretzels you see there, hehe. She also included a taste of Ohio with the Buckeyes you see in the back. I thought that was very special and creative. I can't wait to try my very first official Ohio Buckeye!

Erin also explained how her family always gives chocolate oranges! It sounds super scrumptious so I will definitely be trying that this year. You should too!

And last but not least some fun girly items! What girl doesn't love getting new bags, jewelry and polish!? It was perfect!

I'd say Erin and her family have some wonderful Christmas traditions and I love how she shared them with me! Thank you so much, Erin! I am so glad we got a chance to meet. And thank you too, Darby for holding the Stocking Swap! Definitely go check out their blogs! I am definitely full of Christmas cheer already!! 

Merry (early) Christmas, Y'all!

Oh here we go, here we go, here we go again!

Well another travel season is upon us! I honestly can't believe it's that time of year again. I feel like I was just getting off the road from last year! I am very excited about this year and the places I will be going. There are so many NEW wonderful, exciting things happening for R-MC. It makes my job a whole lot easier and makes me very excited to hit the road and share the "Buzz" about R-MC with as many people as I can!

So far this year, travel season has been going very well! I cover the Fredericksburg and Northern Neck areas of VA and I travel to North Carolina! Although my territory spans the southeast from NC down and over to TX I only travel to NC during travel season.

 I don't have any crazy stories at this point, but don't worry it's still early, haha! There is never a dull moment during travel season and I really shouldn't be surprised anymore at some of the stuff I see or that happens considering this is my third travel season. In fact, come Oct. 5 I will have officially completed my 3rd year in the admissions office at R-MC!!! What a wonderful ride it has been!

 Highlights of my trip so far...

 So far I have covered Eastern NC and parts of Western NC and the Northern Neck area of VA.

 During this travel season so far I have met some really fun people! I really enjoy doing college fairs because not only do I get the chance to meet with some perspective students I also get to meet other counselors representing other colleges. I call them my counselor friends! :) When you are standing behind a table for hours at a time you become very close to the other counselors that have tables around you. It really does help the time pass getting to know each other, joke around, and bounce different travel season stories off each other.

 I also love taking pictures everywhere I go of neat things I see, pretty schools I visit, and some things that are out of the ordinary. The following pictures are some of the schools I have visited that I just had to take pictures of because they are really cool buildings!

St. Mary's School, Raleigh, NC

Needham Broughton High School, Raleigh, NC

Cary Academy, Cary, NC

If you are asking yourself what do you actually do at a college fair? This is a picture of my table at a college fair. I stand behind this table and talk to whoever comes up to my table wanting more information about R-MC. It was a very busy fair and this was taken at the end of the program. You can see my table was looking very bare by the end of the night with minimal materials! That is a good sign! :)

Also, throughout travel I like to plan fun things to do throughout my travels to keep things interesting. Be on the look out for a new post to see what I did while I was visiting the Northern Neck!!! You won't want to miss it!