Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All Roads Lead Home!

Well Travel season is officially over! After a whirlwind past 8 weeks I can't believe it is already over! It feels like just yesterday I was loading up my car for the first time with boxes and boxes of materials heading out for my first week of visits. I learned so much from these past 8 weeks but I sure am happy to be home, there's no doubt!

I honestly had no idea what to expect from my first travel season and I almost felt like it was one of those things you could never really be fully prepared for until you just go out and do it! and that was absolutely right! No matter how many people I spoke with or got advice from before I set out it could never really prepare me enough. I got a chance to meet so many fantastic students and counselors at schools from all over! It makes me really excited to get back and start working with these students throughout the year so I can help them get to that next chapter! I not only learned things about what to do for next year but I also learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of!

Although, I had a blast and learned so much during travel season nothing could compare to being home finally! I was lucky though, during my last week of travel I got a dose of home when I got to travel to Houston, TX and got to see my sister and Phil!!! When Texas was first added to my territory I was so thrilled and immediately thought about my sister! Then when I found out I was going to Houston for the whole week I couldn't have been happier. I still can't believe how blessed I am, not only was I getting sent some place different for work but I got the chance to spend the whole week with my sister! That means I was able to get to Houston twice this year! I was so thrilled that I would get to spend some quality time with her, but more than that I really just enjoyed having somebody to talk to every night and have a home cooked meal every night! That was quite a welcomed change during travel season. I don't have any pictures from my amazing trip to Houston (shocking right!?), but maybe that's because we were having so much fun just being around each other! I couldn't have asked for a better way to end travel season 2010!

For my last entry I didn't really know how I would close things up for the season so I decided to compile all the cool pictures of things I saw throughout travel season together in one blog. So here they are...I hope you like them!

This was some crazy mountain thing I saw while I was driving!

As I was driving down the road on my way to a visit I literally did a double take when I saw Mater, like Ta-mater, without the Ta!!! It was so cool in real life!

These next two pictures are for you Darby! Everywhere I went the mountains were just beautiful with the changing leaves! By the end of travel season everywhere I went looked like a postcard!

Haha! I saw this outside one of the hotels I stayed at in Blacksburg! So completely random but cool!

This was one of my towel figures in my hotel room! I thought it was really cute because I was there for business!

This is a picutre I took at the scenic views off 81!

Haha! Okay so this is a funny story! Never a dull moment during travel! This is at one of my hotels that actually ended up flooding completely! This is a picture of the water line on the SECOND floor pouring out of the window! It was crazy! Needless to say I ended up getting moved to another hotel in the area that night!

This is one of the about 10 firemen that reported to the hotel when it was flooding and the power went out!

This is a beautiful view from the parking lot at one of my school visits!
I saw so many cool things while on the road I wish I could have taken a picture of everything! Looking back at these pictures reminds me how much fun I did have during travel. I now have so many great, new ideas for next year! Although, I had a blast and learned so much nothing could be better than being home right now!

I hope you all enjoyed this season of The Buzz From the Road! Until next year!

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  1. awww this post made me smile!!! I had such a good time traveling with you via your posts! I am going to miss these posts, but I'm so glad that you're back and home :-) Love you!